Your First Chiropractic Visit

Step 1:

Be sure to fill out your New Practice Member forms as completely as possible before you arrive for your appointment.  By doing this, you can save yourself and your family up to 20 minutes on your first visit!

Step 2:

As you arrive for your first appointment, our staff at DHC will review your paperwork and validate your ID and run a complimentary benefits check on your insurance (if applicable.)

step 3:

After receiving a complete tour of our office, a one-on-one consultation will take place to go over your paperwork along with any concerns and/or health goals you may have.  This will allow us to determine any cause of your health issues. 

Step 4:

By using our state of the art neurological technology, a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation will be performed.  If necessary, orthopedic tests or postural analysis will be performed as well.  Additionally, the doctor may palpate the spine to locate any pain or discomfort. 

Step 5:

The doctor may advise additional tests if needed, this may include any chiropractic postural X-Ray's.

step 6:

A report of findings will take place to discuss what the doctor has found based upon the evaluations and any chiropractic postural X-Ray's.  The doctor will then determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.  A thorough explanation of care, recommendations, and action steps will be discussed as well. 

step 7:

Initiate care and start on the path to achieving your God-given health potential!