Is It Just About the Back Pain?

When we are out in our community we hear all sorts of things from people. For instance we hear “can you just crack my back?” Or “can you get rid of my back pain?” At the end of the day pain is certainly a sign that something is happening in the body, but it does not tell us what is going on or where. In our society we base our Health on how we are feeling and not on how we are functioning.  Due to our Health being our body’s ability to adapt and process the different stresses we put on it throughout our day to day lives, it is time that we see a shift in this thought process.  Everyone deals with different types of stresses such as physical stress from exercising or trauma, chemical stress from the food/drink we ingest or the mental/emotional stress that we deal with from work, school or home. The truth is our bodies work through our nervous system. The nervous system is the master controller of the body. Right now our hearts are beating, our lungs are breathing and our stomach is digesting the food we have recently eaten. The nerves that exit the spine are the roadways and pathways for the brain to coordinate and regulate every vital function we need to survive as well as the direct function of all the muscles and joints of the body. Therefore when our bodies can no longer adapt to the stresses we have, that is when we see a breakdown in the system. This is where we start to see dysfunction and dis-ease throughout the body. This break down in the system, or miscommunication, is called neurological interference. At this specific location we are seeing a disconnect between the brain and the rest of the body. So it is clearly more than just the back pain or neck pain that we feel. Granted those are important because it is something you can feel, however it does not tell you what the underlying problem is.  Therefore we should be more concerned with how our bodies are functioning and use pain as a sign that we need to  have our bodies analyzed to determine the cause of a person’s signs and symptoms. If our bodies are functioning at their most optimal function, then our bodies should be feeling well also.

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